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So...where to begin?

First things first, I was born and raised in a small town called Winsford in the rural county of Cheshire. And, despite all of my travels and different homes since then, I am still a Northerner through and through. I am the youngest of four siblings and have three older sisters.

I attended Verdin High School and later Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College. My favorite school spot to frequent was The Drama Studio. As well as pursuing the dramatic arts, I have always been a keen academic with a never-ending thirst for knowledge. My favorite question was always "WHY?". Whilst at school, I represented the UK in the Youth European Union and was heavily involved in volunteering and teaching dramatic arts at my local youth centre. I also helped coordinate a protest campaign when the local council attempted to close down the building.

I was always obsessed with watching movies (a family tradition) and my desire for acting stemmed directly from the big and little screens. At fourteen, I was one of the youngest actors to be accepted into the Cheshire Youth Theatre and worked with the company touring plays around Cheshire and also at the Chester Gateway Theatre.  I was later accepted into The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and worked with them at Manchester's Lowry Theatre. 


I studied Drama and Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway: University of London and spent my Summer breaks working for The Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco (as both a climbing instructor and a camp counsellor.) Whilst at University I lived in a turret room of a beautiful castle and studied a lot of experimental theatre, dramatic theory and performed in a lot of avant-garde pieces. After graduating, I took a year to travel the globe to learn more about the world and myself. I started in India and made my way across Asia to the Americas.

Whilst in New Zealand, I applied to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was accepted into the New York Conservatory. During my training I lived in downtown Manhattan and also worked behind the scenes in casting. I then quickly started booking work. I have done a lot of commercial work, fashion, music videos, theatre and most recently have made some television appearances and have just starred in my first feature film. 

I've always had two parts to my personality; one being the conversationalist and the extrovert, the other being somewhat of a loner and enjoying my solitude. I've always loved the way the craft of acting allows for the exploration of all parts of the human condition. I have played a real multitude of roles varying from intensely disturbing and dramatic to the lighthearted comic relief. My favourite role so far was playing Branwell Bronte in "Masterpieces" as this role allowed me to explore a vast range of emotional and personality states.  

My hopes for the future are to continue growing and learning through my acting.  I want to be the best actor that I can be. I am represented by Sovereign Talent Group and Energy Talent Management. I am musically inclined and I am currently writing my first poetry collection. I played Nick Beggs of Kajagoogoo in "American Horror Story: 1984". My most recent projects involved being personally directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper and the victim in The Real Murders of Orange County.

Liam x

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